How Does it Work?

The CB-RM uses Prompt Gamma Neutron Activation Analysis (PGNAA) technology.  As the material passes through the tunnel of the analyzer, it is bombarded with neutrons from radioactive isotopes. The neutrons are captured by the atoms of the material and produce a secondary reaction in the form of gamma rays. This secondary gamma ray spectrum is de-compiled and analyzed to produce the composite elemental analysis of the material.

It is not just a sample or a surface analysis !

3 key factors of PGNAA that make it uniquely adapted to scrap applications

  1. The inbound neutrons and secondary gamma rays are very penetrating in nature so there is an interaction with all of the material as it passes through the tunnel.  The resulting analysis is representative of the entire stream of material - not just the surface -  and is consistent with the chemistry a melter of this same material will report when they melt the scrap.

  2. Analyses are reported every minute - scrap processors or steel mills can use it to control the process/chemistry of the material.

    The analyzer results are independant of flow rate, allowing production rates greater than 1,000 tons per hour.

  3. There is no residual radioactivity as the material exits the analyzer.


Gamma-Tech currently has calibrations for aluminum, ferrous, and stainless steel.

Please Contact Us for more information on these and other potential applications.