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Why Arete?

There is a metallurgical application and information gap between producers and consumers that needs to be bridged. Arete bridges this gap. We are an independent entity promoting a value-in-use approach of Gamma-Shred® and providing customized metallurgical support and marketing beyond Gamma-Shred®.

What We Provide

  • Process Metallurgy at our Customer ‘s Facility
  • Product Metallurgy for our Customer at the Consumer
  • Metallurgical Marketing and Support for our Customer’s Commercial Agent

How We Work

Provide on site Customer Specific Process Metallurgical Services for:
  • Educational support
  • Technical support
  • Manufacturing support
Provide consumer site Customer Specific Product Services for :
  • Technical and metallurgical support
  • Technical representation

Next Step

Please refer to our Technical Information page for more detailed information about Arete's services. 

Contact Us and Arete will create a customized program that is targeted to meet the needs of your specific company and market.