Products and Services

Our services are focused on the use of the Cross Belt Recycled Metals Analyzer. The CB-RM consists of the Composition Monitor Module (CCM) which houses the radioactive sources (Californium 252), detectors, and shield assembly, the Information Processing Module (IPM) that contains the electronics, the operators console, and the Reference Standards.

The CB-RM uses Prompt Gamma Neutron Activation Analysis (PGNAA) to determine the chemical composition of raw materials. The CB-RM is modular in design and is easily installed on a conveyor system. It simply wraps around the conveyor and analyzes the stream of material as it passes through the tunnel.

Gamma-Tech's comprehensive Service Agreement provides all the technical and application support for the CB-RM. Gamma-Tech offers the CB-RM in a comprehensive service based program that includes routine maintenance, scheduled source replenishment, in-field upgrades and application consulting. This support also includes remote monitoring of the CB-RM to assist the customer in quality control. Gamma-Tech will soon be adding a web-based system for collecting data, providing analytical tools, and automated alerts so that it's staff can be proactive to any electronic, mechanical, or quality issues.


The marketing of a product that is manufactured to a specific chemistry sometimes requires additional expertise in order to explain the value of the product to your customers. For that eventuality, Gamma-Tech can provide marketing support through it's subsidiary company Arete Metallurgical Marketing Solutions. This group has the scrap industry and metallurgical knowledge to assist you marketing this high-value material to your customer.


Gamma-Tech offers several financing options; direct purchase, rental programs, or leasing.  Leasing can be arranged by us through several of our agents, including Equipment Finance Group, LLC located in Southeastern Ohio.  Please visit their website at for more details.

Please review the Technical Information page of this web-site for more detailed information and articles about regarding the use of the CB-RM in the metals industry.